Professionals in industrial water management since 1991

Quins s.r.o.

We are a family company founded in 1991 and since then our activities have centered around the design, production and delivery of equipment for the liquidation of industrial waste waters as well as for chemical surface finishing, in particular the delivery of galvanizing baths for metal plating and equipment for industrial degreasing.

In our portfolio you can find a wide range of equipment – from simple gravitation separators, sedimentation tanks and filters to more complex sorption-demulsification waste water treatment plants, neutralization stations, membrane separation units, vacuum evaporators amongst many others.

Such facilities are usually employed in the liquidation of water from industrial degreasing, galvanized plating and glass or ceramics production, but also in other fields.

Fields of Use

  • in car services and car washes
  • in paintshops, degreasing and galvanization plants
  • in glass polishing and jewellry production
  • in the printing and chemical industries

Why place your trust in cooperation with us

One major advantage of our products is their variable capacity. This is usually somewhere between the hundreds of litres up to 10 m³/hr. Our equipment is fully modified to fit the wishes and needs of our customers. They can be continuous-flow or batch treatment systems. During the design phase we pay particular attention to minimizing the requirement for human intervention.

We want our customers to reap the maximum benefits from the solutions provided as well as the widest possible use. This is why keep our equipment as simple as possible. Reducing the need for human intervention results in a lower failure rate as well as saving financial resources tht can be better used elsewhere. In these times when companies are under constant pressure to reduce costs, the sooner returns on investment are seen the better and the solutions provided must, from an economic point of view, work perfectly over their long lifespan.

Certification and vision

We want to work to the highest standards and quality. This is why we place such importance on our stable and experienced team of technicians and assemblers. Our technicians and assembly team are certified in accordance with the SSC system. Our production management systém is certified at the Technical and Testing Building institute in Prague. Our procedures are always carried out in line with EU standards.

What Baťa is for shoes, we are for industrial water systems. Such a reputation is not established in a day, but must be founded gradually and by never once slackening in your efforts.

This is why we have been providing all of our partners the highest quality at acceptable prices for so many years now, and we are grateful to all of our partners, thanks to whom our results are there for all to see.

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