Installation of microfiltration units for KLEMAT

The Commission

The customer who, as part of their activities, operates a water jet cutting machine, contacted us with a request for us to provide a solution which would purify water from the city mains water supply. Water of this type is, to a significant extent, polluted with small particles of insoluble substances.

The solution offered

In this case sand filters and regular candle filters would be ineffective; the machine operates at such pressures that any impurities in the water leads to extremely fast wear of the parts, not only of the high pressure pumps but the cutting jets themselves as well.

Our suggested solution was the installation of microfiltration units located before the cutting machine.

The advantages of this solution for the customer

Thanks to the installation of the microfiltration units we were successful in removing all insoluble substances which extended the life of the machine parts four times over. As well as sparing the parts, the shut down time required for service was also shortened.

Provision of water management for SOGEFI

The commission

A French customer decided to build a new production plant in Mexico, a part of which would be a surface treatment line including pre-treatment that includes degreasing, rinsing, activation, phosphating and further rinsing which is carried out using demineralized water.

The goal here was to clean the waste water to the standards required by sewage lines in the EU (2 m3/hr) and the preparation of demineralized water which was to be pumped from the local well (1,2 m3/hr). One small rarity in this case was a power system of 3 x 480 V, 60 Hz and very high temperatures.

The solution offered

The solution offered was the installation of a fully automatic flow sorption-demulsification station for the liquidation of waste water complete with retention tanks, a dosing station for active agents, a sand filter and sedimentation management.

Demineralized water was then prepared by means of installed reverse osmosis units. Their storage was made possible by the installation of UV lighting which disinfected the water produced.

The advantages of the solution for the customer

The solution offered solved the problem of putrification of the water caused by extreme temperatures.

Installation of a new Wate Water Treatment plant for Karsit

The assignment

The customer came up against the problem of insufficient capacity of KTL coating lines which was to be subsequently and significantly increased. This, however, led to the increase in production of waste waters and the current treatment plant was no longer capable of dealing with the given capacity.

The solution offered

It was decided to install a new waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 7 m3/hr.

The problem was the insufficient space available for installation. Installation was carried out in accordance with the dimensions of the specific case. The space for installation was expanded by one floor thanks to the building of a steal construction.

A further problem was the extreme time limit for realization of the project. The entire process was to take a maximum of 18 days, during the company’s holiday closure. The planning and realization period for such a project is usually at least 6 months.

The advantages of the solution for the customer

The first meeting took place in the last week of April.

The contract was closed and the first production work began already on the 13. 6.

3. 7., the first day of the company’s holiday closure, work was begun on the designated place, in particular on the disassembly of the existing equipment and cleaning of the work area. From the 7. 7. the building of the steel structure was performed and just 3 days later the installation of the WWTP was completed.

21. 7., On the first day after the company’s holiday closure the successful handover of the offered solution was made for trial operation.. The bulk of the work was performed with no problems in the extent and time intervals agreed beforehand.

installation of a disc filter for Škoda City Servis

The assignment

The transport company requested the offer of a solution which would effectively clean waste water from the new wash line for public transport vehicles before its entry into the city sewage system. This went hand in hand with the reduction of consumption of wash water.

Washing is carried out in two boxes using high pressure and brush technology. Daily consumption of wash water amounts to approximately 18,6 m3, an annual total of around 4650 m3.

The solution offered

In this case we decided for the installation of a gravitation sedimentation tank and a disc filter thanks to which we could decontaminate the water to such a degree that a significant part of the water could be reused in the washing process. The final rinse was, however, carried out with the use of fresh water from the water supply. The left over water was liquidated in an automatic flow WWTP and subsequently released into the sewage system.

The advantages of the solution for the customer

Thanks to the realization of this solution we could reuse up to 80 % of the water, which resulted in an annual saving of around 348 thousand Czech crowns.. Savings were also made in the chemicals used in the cleaning of water and other finances for the liquidation of the sludge created, a further annual saving in the region of 70 thousand Czech crowns..

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