Professionals in industrial water management since 1991


Our specializations

Water Management

The liquidation of industrial waste water and equipment for the preparation of demineralized water for industrial uses.

Industrial degreasing

Boxes for high pressure degreasing and automatic chamber equipment for high pressure washing, phosphating and pickling.

Custom Solutions

Production “to order“ according to the customers requirements and technical facilities.

Quins pipes


Installation of microfiltration units

The customer who, as part of their activities, operates a water jet cutting machine, contacted us with a request for us to provide a solution which would purify water from the city mains water supply. Water of this type is, to a significant extent, polluted with small particles of insoluble substances.


Provision of water management

A French customer decided to build a new production plant in Mexico, a part of which would be a surface treatment line including pre-treatment that includes degreasing, rinsing, activation, phosphating and further rinsing which is carried out using demineralized water.


Installation of a new Wate Water Treatment plant

The customer came up against the problem of insufficient capacity of KTL coating lines which was to be subsequently and significantly increased. This, however, led to the increase in production of waste waters and the current treatment plant was no longer capable of dealing with the given capacity.


Installation of a disc filter

The transport company requested the offer of a solution which would effectively clean waste water from the new wash line for public transport vehicles before its entry into the city sewage system. This went hand in hand with the reduction of consumption of wash water.



About us

We are a family company founded in 1991 and since then our activities have centered around the design, production and delivery of equipment for the liquidation of industrial waste waters as well as for chemical surface finishing, in particular the delivery of galvanizing baths for metal plating and equipment for industrial degreasing.

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